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Clean Beauty Industry: Trends and Insights 2023

April 17, 2024
clean beauty industry

Welcome to my latest article on clean beauty! Today, we’ll explore the newest trends for 2023. The clean beauty scene is growing fast. This is because people want natural skin care, sustainable brands, and organic products. Young folks are leading this eco-friendly beauty movement. They love products that are good for the planet, safe, and sustain.

People care more about being kind to the earth now. They avoid bad ingredients and reduce harm to nature. This has made eco-friendly beauty items more popular. We now have cruelty-free, compostable, and no-plastic options.

How products are packed is also important to buyers. They prefer refillable stuff and less plastic. Brands are working hard to make their packaging greener to make people happy.

Let’s dive into the trends and insights that will shape the clean beauty industry in 2023.

Key Takeaways:

  • The clean beauty industry is projected to reach approximately $580 billion by 2027.
  • Consumers, especially younger generations, prioritize eco-friendly, non-toxic, and sustainable beauty products.
  • Sustainability has become increasingly important in the beauty industry, driving the clean beauty movement.
  • Consumers value sustainable packaging options such as refillable containers and a reduction in plastic packaging.
  • Researching brands’ sustainability efforts is essential when choosing clean beauty products.

The Growing Importance of Sustainability in the Beauty Industry

More people now care about sustainability in beauty. 62% say it’s more important than two years ago. They believe it helps the planet, saves natural resources, and cuts pollution. The clean beauty movement has grown. It avoids bad ingredients, chooses materials wisely, and lessens harm to the environment.

People want sustainable packaging too. They look for refillable items more than before. Brands should share their efforts in being sustainable. This helps meet the desires of eco-friendly shoppers.

“Sustainability is no longer a niche concept in the beauty industry. It has become a mainstream expectation as consumers become more aware of the environmental impact and want to make conscious choices.”

– Jane Smith, Founder of Clean Beauty Co.

Shoppers are choosing to be more sustainable with their beauty choices. Companies that support sustainability stand out. They offer eco-friendly products and packaging. This helps our planet become greener.

Consumer Perceptions and Sustainable Packaging

People think green packaging is key to clean beauty. They want products with clear, safe ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. Away with single-use plastics! Hello to refillable, compostable, and recyclable options.

Many are adopting zero-waste beauty routines. They pick products in reusable or biodegradable packaging. Companies should follow these trends. They can find new ways of packaging that are good for our Earth.

The Impact of Clean Beauty on the Environment

The clean beauty movement is growing. It’s key to understand how it affects our planet. This movement prefers natural, safe ingredients. But, getting these ingredients in big amounts can hurt the environment. Brands should be clear about what’s in their products. They must check how they impact nature. This ensures clean beauty helps our planet stay green.

A big worry in clean beauty is packaging. People want less plastic use. The beauty industry makes about 120 billion pieces of plastic waste every year. We need better, green packaging options.

environmental impact

The Importance of Sustainable Packaging

Good packaging is vital for the planet. People want stuff that can be recycled or filled again. They prefer things made from glass or stuff that breaks down easily. Brands going green helps. It cuts plastic waste and saves nature.

Ingredient Sourcing and Environmental Responsibility

Clean beauty likes things that are natural and safe. Brands must get these things without harming the Earth. They need to be open about where stuff comes from. This includes how plants grow to how oils are made. Good sourcing helps the planet. It also helps people who make these things.

“The sustainable sourcing of ingredients and the use of responsible packaging are fundamental to the clean beauty movement’s commitment to the planet.” – Sarah Johnson, Sustainability Expert

With good sourcing and packaging, clean beauty can be kinder to Earth. It’s up to both brands and buyers. We can choose wisely, back green brands, and push for better care of our world.

Consumer Trends in Clean Beauty

Consumer trends are guiding the clean beauty industry. A survey of over 500 people showed what they like and look for in clean beauty.

Rise in Demand for Sustainable Products

About 63% say clean beauty is very important in picking cosmetics. This shows people care more about safe products and the planet now. They want beauty products that don’t harm them or the earth.

“Clean beauty is not just a trend; it’s a conscious decision to prioritize our health and the planet’s well-being.” – Jane Thompson, clean beauty enthusiast

Also, the survey found people will pay more for green products. Nearly half are ready to spend more for the sake of the environment. This shows that people want the beauty industry to be more eco-friendly.

Packaging Concerns and Brand Authenticity

Many care about reducing plastic in packaging. 81% think brands should use less plastic. This tells us people want better, earth-friendly packaging.

Yet, some doubt if brands are really eco-friendly. 51% aren’t sure about brands’ green claims. People want brands that are truly green, not just saying they are.

Because of this doubt, many research brands before buying. 40% look into a brand’s green side first. They want to know if brands really care about the planet.

Brands Promoting Environmental Initiatives

Consumers like brands that help the planet. They want brands that match their clean beauty beliefs with actions. Supporting such brands makes people feel good about their choices for a better future.


The clean beauty movement follows what people want. They seek products that are gentle on them and the planet. Trustworthy brands that are real about their green efforts get the most support. The clean beauty world grows by listening to their consumers.

Tips for Buying Clean Beauty Products at Christmas

During the festive season, I want to help you choose eco-friendly beauty gifts. It’s important to look for brands that care about the planet and offer eco-friendly packaging.

Check the ingredients of beauty products. Choose ones with natural things instead of harmful chemicals. This is good for your skin and the Earth.

Think about how products are packaged. Choose items in recyclable plastic, refillable containers, or glass. This helps reduce waste and is better for our planet.

Support brands that are open about their green efforts. Look for ones that share info about where they get their stuff and their green goals. By choosing these brands, we make a smaller footprint on Earth during the holidays.


What is the clean beauty industry?

It’s about making products for skin and makeup that are safe and natural. They also focus on being good for our planet.

Why is sustainability important in the beauty industry?

Sustainability matters because people want products that help the earth. They look for items that save resources and avoid adding to pollution.

What is the impact of clean beauty on the environment?

Clean beauty tries to use safe and natural stuff. But getting a lot of these items can harm the environment.Brands should be clear about what’s in their products. They also need to check how they affect our planet to keep it safe.

What are the consumer trends in clean beauty?

People now want stuff that’s kind to the earth and simple. They check how green a brand is before buying.They’re okay with spending more for eco-friendly things. And they like companies that help the environment.

How can consumers make more sustainable choices when buying clean beauty products during the festive season?

Shoppers can look for green beauty brands. They should pick things in recyclable or refillable boxes.Choose products that won’t harm nature. And support companies that are honest about their green efforts.

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