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Top Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands for Green Glam

April 15, 2024
eco-friendly beauty brands

Welcome to a world where beauty cares for you and our planet. Eco-friendly beauty brands are a big deal now. They care about being kind to Earth and us. These companies make stuff like skincare and makeup but in a good way. What they make is safe for us and does not hurt our world.

Key Takeaways:

  • More and more people want beauty stuff that’s good for the planet.
  • There are lots of clean beauty brands, over 1,400! They have things like skin care that’s good for the earth, makeup that’s natural, hair stuff that’s organic, makeup that’s kind to animals, and products that don’t harm the environment.
  • These good beauty brands pick their ingredients very carefully.
  • They do great things for Earth, like planting trees, using sun power for their labs, and not making too much trash.
  • It’s not just about being green. These brands make sure their products work really well too.


LAMEL is a beauty brand that loves the Earth. It started in 2012 by Natalia Iaromenko. It uses natural stuff and cares about our planet.

Ukrainian Resilience and Growth

LAMEL lost its warehouse in the Ukraine war. Yet, it kept going strong. Now, it makes $20 million and sells in 20 countries. It shows how tough Ukrainians are.

LAMEL shows the courage of Ukraine. It grows by facing hard times.

LAMEL leads in eco-friendly beauty. It picks natural stuff for folks who love the Earth. And care about their health.

Award-Winning Excellence

LAMEL is known for great quality. It got an award from Amazon. This award shows LAMEL cares about our Earth.

“LAMEL leads green beauty. It’s a model for others.” – Beauty Expert

LAMEL mixes nature and science to make safe skin care. You can trust its products with your skin. And feel good about your choices.

LAMEL stands for green beauty and strong Ukraine spirit. It’s known for caring about you and the Earth. Its great products make a difference.


Moringaia makes skincare and wellness goods. We care about the earth and quality. Our items have moringa seeds. They are good for you in many ways.

Our moringa comes from a family farm that loves nature. They farm without harming the earth. This helps the soil and all living things. Supporting them helps our planet too.

We are proud of our solar-powered lab. It cuts down our harm to the earth. This way, making our oil-based products does less damage. We choose clean energy to keep our earth safe.

Benefits of Moringa Seeds

Moringa seeds are full of nutrients and help fight swelling and aging. Their oil keeps the skin safe and nourished.

At Moringaia, we use these seeds for better skin and health. Our items, like oils and scrubs, make you feel good inside and out. Caring for yourself should make your body and heart happy.

Our Commitment to Reforestation and Economic Development

We do more than just skincare. We help the earth and its people. Planting trees fights cutting down forests. It helps the air and living things.

We also help places that need it. Our farm gives jobs and helps neighbors. We think doing business right can make things better for everyone.

Experience the Power of Moringaia

Looking for good and kind skincare? Moringaia has it. From farm to lab, we’re all about being kind to the earth.

Join us to make a better tomorrow. With us, beauty and wellness are about caring for the world too.


Ocoa is a beauty brand for the self-loving LatinX consumer. It started in 2021 to offer clean and minimal haircare products. These celebrate natural beauty. We make things especially for folks with curly hair. Our main items include curl care shampoo and conditioner, curl defining gel, and hydrating curl cream.

Clean and minimal ingredients are what we stand for. We pick each ingredient with care. So, they’re kind, work well, and are good to your hair. Say goodbye to bad chemicals, sulfates, and parabens. Enjoy worry-free curl care with us.

We cheer for natural beauty and loving your unique hair. Ocoa is all about the variety curly hair brings. And, we aim to boost and highlight your curls.

Our shampoo and conditioner come with marula oil and mango butter. They help make your curls soft and moist. The gel defines and keeps your curls right where they should be. Our cream feeds your curls, making them stay shiny and moist for a long time.

Let’s celebrate natural beauty together. Find fun in taking care of your curls with Ocoa’s products.

Product Description
Curl Care Shampoo Gently cleanses and hydrates curly hair, leaving it soft and manageable
Curl Care Conditioner Provides intense moisture and nourishment, reducing frizz and enhancing curl definition
Curl Defining Gel Defines curls, adds shine, and provides long-lasting hold for natural-looking styles
Hydrating Curl Cream Moisturizes and revitalizes curls, leaving them soft, bouncy, and full of life

Ere Perez

Ere Perez has been a top choice for 20 years. It’s known for sustainable beauty. This brand is loved for caring about the earth and making safe products. Ere Perez aims to make quality items. Their goal is to boost your natural looks and take care of our world.

An Eco-Refillable Compact for Sustainability

Ere Perez knows we need to cut waste and help our planet. They offer a smart eco-refillable compact. This means you just swap the old product for a new one in the same case. It cuts down on trash and saves money too.

“At Ere Perez, we believe in being green. Our eco-refill is a step towards bettering the earth. We aim to make great products with a positive impact.” – Ere Perez

Multipurpose Products for Beauty on-the-go

Ere Perez makes items that have many uses. This can make your beauty routine simpler and pack lighter. Their coco crayon works for eyes, lips, and cheeks. It’s great for anyone who likes things easy and effective.

Revitalize Your Skin with Clean Ingredients

Ere Perez uses good, clean stuff for your skin. Their products help your skin look and feel great. Ere Perez cares about giving safe and helpful options for all skin types.

Ere Perez

Benefits of Ere Perez Ere Perez Products
Sustainable Eco-refillable compact
Convenient Multipurpose coco crayon
Skin-Revitalizing Skincare and makeup with clean ingredients

Ere Perez is a leader in eco-friendly beauty. They focus on caring for our planet with smart products and clean beauty. Join Ere Perez in making beauty routines more green.

Winky Lux

Winky Lux is a clean and vegan makeup brand. It brings a fun feel to beauty.

As a fan, I love their ethical, high-quality products. They make beauty delightful.

Winky Lux grew 50% last year and won three awards. They shine in clean beauty.

Their clean vegan makeup is loved by many. People want cruelty-free, sustainable beauty that works.

Winky Lux cares about the planet with their plastic neutrality program. They reduce packaging impact. This means they help clean oceans and support developing communities.

You can find Winky Lux at Target, Ulta, and some department stores. They have colorful eyeshadows and luxe lip products.

In short, Winky Lux is about clean vegan makeup that’s fun. They care about the earth. With more people liking them, Winky Lux is one to watch for clean beauty lovers.

Why Choose Winky Lux?

  • High-quality clean vegan makeup
  • Whimsical and fun packaging
  • Commitment to sustainability
  • Wide availability at popular retailers

“Winky Lux’s clean vegan makeup brings joy to my beauty routine while aligning with my values of sustainability and cruelty-free products.” – Happy Winky Lux customer

Recommended Products:

Product Description
Winky Lux Unicorn Glow Highlighter
Winky Lux Matte Lip Velour
Winky Lux Coffee Palette


Saphira is a salon haircare brand that stands out. It uses Dead Sea minerals.

These minerals are known for healing. Saphira products give a unique and healing experience.

Saphira has grown fast, making a lot of money. This is because of its quality.

Saphira’s owner used her wedding money to start it. She worked hard to make it known.

Many say Saphira products help with hair problems. They fix issues like dandruff and dry skin.

The brand loves helping salons and their customers. This makes Saphira a top haircare choice.


Are the products from eco-friendly beauty brands effective?

Yes, eco-friendly beauty brands use natural, safe ingredients. They don’t cut corners on effectiveness. These brands work hard to ensure their products are safe and work well.

What are sustainable skincare products?

Sustainable skincare products are good for the environment. They come from organic or natural sources and use packaging that’s recyclable or reusable. They also don’t harm the environment much.

Do natural makeup brands provide the same quality as traditional makeup brands?

Yes, natural makeup brands have improved a lot. They use plants instead of synthetic chemicals. You can find many high-quality products in these brands that work just as well as others.

What does it mean for a brand to be cruelty-free?

A cruelty-free brand doesn’t test on animals. They make sure their cosmetics don’t harm animals. Groups like Leaping Bunny or PETA might certify them.

What are the benefits of using clean beauty brands?

Clean beauty brands use safe, non-toxic stuff. This is good for your skin and health. They avoid things that can irritate or cause allergies, good for sensitive skin. Their practices are also better for our planet.

Are organic hair care products suitable for all hair types?

Yes, organic hair care products work for everyone. No matter your hair type, there’s an organic option for you. They help your hair without harsh chemicals.

How can I identify environmentally friendly beauty products?

Look for labels like USDA Organic or Ecocert to find eco-friendly products. Also, check if the packaging is recyclable or biodegradable. And, research the brand’s dedication to being green.

Where can I find ethical beauty products?

Find them at stores that focus on clean, sustainable brands. Check out Sephora’s Clean at Sephora section or Credo Beauty. You can also buy directly from eco-friendly brand websites. They often ship worldwide.

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